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“Who is this person? What do they do? Are they good at what they do? Should we trust them?”

These are the TOP 4 Questions that everyone asks when someone new shows up on the scene. There are those that are “skeptical” and those that are “dive on in” to learn more about you and what you do. The all too famous:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you do?
  • Are you good at what you do?
  • Can we trust you?

Are you able to answer your audiences questions confidently and gain them as a valued follower, lead or customer?

I certainly hope so, I mean, that’s what you ventured out into the online space for, right?

You had this awesome idea that fired you up inside and you want everyone you can reach to know about it. This makes you different from a lot of people. You are willing to take action and follow the steps it takes to set up a proper foundation that is sturdy so that you can build as high as you need to or want to for your idea to come to life and sustain itself.

The question is…

  • Do you know how to build that sturdy foundation?
  • Do you know how to break down your idea and add relevant things to it for it to continue to grow with time?

If not, that’s ok!

There are tons of ways to do get your million dollar idea out there. There is a ton of information freely sitting out there for you to learn from and people that are at the ready to help you get over the hump of the first step because that first step is always the hardest. Once you are past that, start spreading your wings because you are about to fly…

Better yet, chalk up your grips because your workout is about to begin! (Gymnast humor)

Right now, only your friends and family know you. Well, at least they know of you and some things about you, but they don’t know what is in your head or what your potential can be.

The only way for anyone to know who you are, what you think about and what your possible potential can be is if you open you mouth and share the information.

So, let me share myself with you and let you decide if you resonate with me.

Where My Life Is Right Now…

I currently work on a ranch as a ranch hand helping fix up and clean up an amazing home with open spaces inside and out. It’s a pretty big space and so far has been about 3 weeks of work with a possible week or two of more work to tie up loose ends since the property is being sold.

I am also in the process of renewing my CNA certification to get back into working at a local nursing home to start rebuilding my life and using that pay as stepping stones towards…

Being an entrepreneur!

Part time building businesses online with several opportunities and creating my own product.

You can find out more about the businesses I recommend under the “Skills to Help” tab at the top of this page.

Let me direct you to the story below of…

What My Life Was…

I had a great job, I enjoyed it and I did my best at it. 

I had a very active sports life with being a Gymnast.

I have a passion for helping people and helped train the next generation of Gymnasts.

Knowing that I am passing on what I know about the sport of gymnastics and the gymnast understands it is equal to the feeling of being a child that opens the present of their dreams on Christmas Morning.

When I learned that my mom was getting worse with her illness of MS (Multiple Sclerosis), I was struggling to find a way to get to her and be there for her last days. It weighed down on me, not only on mind but my body as well.

It started to cause problems not only for me but my family around me and put a real strain on me and my work.

Not only that, I have family around me that are not 100% healthy and I worried, it was difficult and had really pushed me to the limit.

Then I got laid off. Jobs are great, but the loyalty is not there anymore when it comes to getting a job.

What used to be a life time opportunity now looks like a dictionary when you look at some resumes. Society isn’t what it used to be and this I really struggled with, so I started looking for a way to do things online.

I heard many stories about being online and the idea of it pulled me into it.

At first I thought it would be easy, “Just join” they said, “It will all be there for you, it’s easy!”

I didn’t understand at first that it wasn’t just about posting links and millions would sign-up… it was a real job that took up real time.

Money was difficult because I wasn’t on a wage and people weren’t rushing to join me like I was told they would.

But, I kept on going.

I knew that online was a freedom that was there waiting for me to take it and I was going to get to that point!

Doing My Research…

While I was doing my research and trying to find a company that was a really good fit for me and what I stood for, I was learning about…

  • Building my blog

  • Branding myself

  • Providing real value to people

This is where I learned all about Word Press and how powerful it is. I even had the confidence to invest in myself and build up

Being on social media… everyone seemed to be “MAKING” it, but the reality is that they were trying and when I spoke to some of them they were really struggling with the basics.

I mentioned a few things that I do, I shared a few hints and tips and like this blog… I share the programs and systems that I use.

Remember the saying, “No one buys from you the first time”, it’s really true.

That is why I built this blog, so that YOU can:

  • Get to know me

  • Get value from me

  • Connect with me.

YES, I do talk to people and spend many hours doing so. I am a real person. I am what I like to call myself a Network Marketer.

I Network with people, I Market my products and the systems I use.

Have you seen the products I offer? Check out the “Flip With Me” tab at the top.

I love facebook, by the way… here is my facebook url so we can connect:

So, what did I share with people?

I have shared a lot of things with people over the last 4 years. Most of those 4 years was full of struggle and hundreds if not thousands of dollars invested into creating my brand and gaining the knowledge I needed to do so. A lot of it was failure after failure with a total return of around $200.

Here are some of the ventures I got hung up on (no order):

  • Empower Network (Twice)
  • Neucopia
  • DSD (Dropship Domination)
  • ILN (Internet Lifestyle Network)
  • Advocare
  • Well & Company
  • Brain Abundance

While being hung up… I learned a great deal about myself. Found out what I DO know and what I really DIDN’T know.

What I DO know is gymnastics. It is my passion and I have been part of the sport most of my life. I was 6 when I was registered into the sport, fell in love with it and at 16 became a coach. At 26, I decided I wanted to write down everything I know about the sport, turn it into micro books and videos to put on a websites and teach the sport from online so anyone could access the knowledge and learn more about it.

It isn’t just what you see on TV. and I am still building the product.

The Journey

The Journey never ends. Where I am today in a years time I will be 365 days further away from where I am but closer to where I want to be.

I will have learned a lot, failed a lot but also succeeded from pushing forward.

The friends and family come and go with interest while a select few stay with you and share your vision to create better places and opportunities.

I would like for you to join in on the journey and help turn things around in your life or your loved ones lives too. The choice is yours and looking forward to the choice you make.

To your success and future building,

Helping You Succeed!

Natasha Andersson






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