The Chalk, Grips, Tape and Sweat Of Natasha

Throughout my journey in the online space… I have been asked a lot of questions about who I am and what my life is kinda like.

So, I have created a list with some stories to share and paint a picture of what I have been through and where I have been.

  1. Upon meeting me and first impressions I am SO SHY! I force myself to be part of the situation at hand to step out of the introvert side of my self. So far… Great JOB! LOL!
  2. I was raised throughout my childhood as normal as possible. Well, what is normal any way? My mom was a stay at home mom due to medical reasons and dad was always traveling the globe for biz trips.
  3. My proudest truth is that I am NO WAY a millennial child. I rock and own up proudly to being an 1980’s BABY (and yes, when I was 16 I owned/drove a 1985 Mercedes).
  4. Another thing I am proud of happened twice. Of my moms kids, I am the oldest and only girl of 2. Of my dads kids, I am the oldest and only girl of 5. I joke with my dad all the time because I get down and dirty more so than the boys do, so I tell him I swear he has 1 boy and 4 girls, LMAO!
  5. Can you guess by the above that I am a tomboy? Would you guess my mom was too? Funny thing is… both of my parents were gear heads and lead foot drivers. I am the only one that took after both.
  6. Something a lil embarrassing that I barely remember doing as a toddler… I was eye level tall with a glass coffee table at someones house, was chasing something, tried to round the table and caught the corner of it right under my eye hitting the bone. I still have the scar.
  7. I guess I was about 8 or 9 when our family went to Texas from Missouri for Thanksgiving and my oldest cousin invited me to go with her on a horseback ride. The tiny stable dog walked with us. When we got back to the stables I wanted to pet the dog (being I never owned a dog at this time I learned a lesson) while it was panting tell let it know everything is ok. Well… the dog bit me in the face. I still have that scar hidden in the hairs of my eyebrow.
  8. My mom and her sister signed me up for gymnastics at 6 to force me out of being SHY. Didn’t work, but I did fall in love with the sport and racked up over 20,000 hours of training and knowledge to share with the world.
  9. Tried my first puff off a cigarette when I was in middle school. I was tired of being called the “goody good”. Didn’t touch another one until I was 19, 21, 23, 28, 29, 31.
  10. Smoked pot for the first time at 14. 23, 31.
  11. Had my first sip of wine at a very young age. Don’t like beer. Smirnoff Red Label is my fav, but im flexible on flavor every once in a bluemoon, if that.
  12. Went to 4 different high schools and 5 different campus’s. All full time student.
  13. Attended 4 different colleges. 1 campus, 3 online. All full time student.
  14. All time fav movie (bet you can’t guess it…) The Nightmare Before Christmas
  15. Wore my Flash Halloween costume in kindergarden ALL the time as pj’s until I wore it out at the seams.
  16. As a child, I thought my hero was Nadia Commaneci. It wasn’t until I hit high school that I realized my hero has been by my side my whole life. My mom is my hero even in her after life I think of how she would handle things I find myself stuck in.
  17. I have severe Scoliosis since birth and still tried my chances at military with a fat stamp of PERMANENTLY DISQUALIFIED in return.
  18. Through out my life our family has had several pets (mice, cats, fish, & dogs (love the pitbulls)).
  19. 7 year relationship that was awesome until it wasn’t leaving me looking like the bad guy 🙁
  20. After my moms death in 2014, I went through a long period of depression never really getting the time to properly grieve for 3 years thinking I was “ok” and I wasn’t.
  21. I have always been forgiving toward things though struggle with major incidents. I have recently found forgiveness letting a lot of stress and pain go. Since doing this, life falls into place easier.
  22. Stumbled upon network marketing in 2012.
  23. Been on the SAME Facebook account for over 10 years!! (2006)
  24. I have been failing at things most of my life. I find that failing at building an empire is the same as failing in gymnastics… fall, get back up, fall, get back up, crash, get back up. Not once have I not decided to stay down. It’s not in me to give up!
  25. Competed gymnastics up to level 8 training for level 9 and coached it for 7 years.
  26. Everyone is always shocked by this… I was born in Alaska
  27. Places I have lived: Alaska, Illinois, Kansas (various places), Missouri, New Mexico, Texas (various places), and Michigan (various places).
  28. At 19 I had worked so hard as a CNA (certified nurse aid) and saved up enough money that I was able to pay my way to spend 6 awesome weeks with my lil bro in Thailand while he was on foreign exchange.
  29. I graduated high school at 17 (it’s the way my birthday fell, hush) and at 18 my aunt took me to Costa Rica for a week as a graduation present.
  30. One more shocker here for you… I am a lesbian 😉
  31. Created The Expert Gymnast Academy (in the works and coming soon!)


With all that being said and shared you should have a pretty good idea who I am.

What I am set to do is help you believe in yourself that you can do amazing things too!
  • Everyone deserves to be forgiven, the lesson not forgotten (straddling the beam hurts, but you get right back on it).
  • Everyone deserves to experience true freedom and feel what it is like to not have to worry about what comes next because it is already coming. I have felt this at one point in my life and recreating the feeling as I type.
  • The best way to attract what you want in life is to get out of your own way. Drop your ego, swallow your pride and shift your mindset. Speak what you want into your life and follow the path being laid out for you as you work your ass off to get there.
  • There is more than enough opportunities out there you can be extremely successful with INCLUDING your own idea. Let your idea shine!
  • Where we are in life right now in this moment has everything to do with a quote I love: “We are not the victim of our circumstances, we are the victims of our choices.” It is OUR fault why we are where we, no one else!
  • When someone says you can’t do something CHALLENGE them. We can do whatever we put our minds to! #ChallengeAccepted!
  • Want to be better than you are now? Want what the big dawgs have? Surround yourself with them and do what they do. They have been at it longer than you have, they got this, trust the system and the process.
  • I was left behind one too many times in many different situations. Everyone deserves a chance to keep up. We all learn at different speeds.
  • My past is what shaped me into who I am today. It is also what shaped you into who you are today. Don’t ever regret what happened. It is a lesson learned to help you let go and move forward reshaping your future into your greatness.
  • If I can believe in everything word typed out on this site and spend hours getting it to reflect who I am and my personality, I am damn sure you can do the same. Why? Because even if you don’t believe in yourself right now I believe in you.









Helping You Succeed!

Natasha Andersson