Yea… It’s kinda like that…
So focused on doing an uneven bar routine, low bar goes smoothly, every skill on point, transition to the high bar and in your head you’re thinking…


Here it is, first full body swing around the high bar, now second…


Second full body swing around the bar… crashburn





And there you are…
You got so focused on finishing your routine to salute the judges that you skipped your dismount and the stick landing.

Now, you have peeled off the high bar for letting go too early and let the momentum of you feet pulled you off the high bar, struggling to attempt your dismount skill fast enough and landing you straight on your face into the landing mat before your coach could get to you.

Here you have two choices:

  1. Shake it off for the 10-20 seconds that they give you to regain your focus (say your fucks/damn it’s) and finish your routine.
  2. Give up, stand up and salute the judges and leave the routine as it stands (and yourself in a mode of self pity).

Personally, choice #1 was always the way to go. Learn from the experience, shake it off and finish what you started. It reaps the best reward in the end.

I’ve Learned That…

Building a business is a whole lot like a successfully executed routine as well as crashing and burning into a landing mat.

In gymnastics you need your foundation which consists of:

  • Mindset of readiness
  • Coachable
  • Starting skills
  • Flexibility
  • Strength

Without these, you might as well just stop now.
Not being mean, being transparent and truthful.
Not everyone is cut out for this.

In building a business you need your foundations as well:

  • Mindset of readiness
  • Coachable
  • Starting guide
  • Flexibility in schedule (how bad do you want it)
  • Strength to push past the negative (they are out there)

Let’s Back Up A Bit…

I started my online journey back in 2012. I was a full time college student and a full time wage worker spending my nights at a privately owned charters and tour bus company.

As a college student, I was studying:

  • Autobody Repair & Refinishing
  • Motorcycle Systems & Technology

Those two courses were my… 3rd… attempt at going to college to better myself and my career. (Total credits earned from all colleges attended = 60+.)

As a wage worker, I was doing:

  • Power washing and scrubbing exterior
  • Cleaning Interior

I got really good at this job.

My online journey began while using google to look up ways that I could work from home. While I was searching, I came across an ad that promised anyone could work from home in three easy steps.


It wasn’t as easy as they said and promised it would be. Saying that all we had to do was take the “already made product” and push it out to people. “The system is done for you, just go talk to people and plaster your link every where… You’ll get them to sign up with no problem and the commission from their signup is yours!”

Ya… not so much. Every person that I joined under left me hanging. I was just another big fat 0 on their commission check each month.

I couldn’t tell you how much was spent in total on all the programs I use to be part of and the trainings that promised to get you there. Not to mention all the hours spent on watching and listening to webinars and replays… over promise/under deliver… not cool!

I struggled at this for 5 years trying to break through and understand how to earn that promise I was sold on of $10,000 per month income stream. I’m pretty sure you know what I am talking about, or you wouldn’t be here reading this now.

The secret is…

I knew I could make this happen for me and teach what I learned to those around me that want to know too. So, the problem wasn’t that I couldn’t do it… the problem was I wasn’t being taught enough and I was back pedaling. I was being taught backwards.

In some cases, it is the individuals fault that they are failing because they don’t put the work into it. If you don’t put the work into it then it won’t matter who you decide to work with, you will still fail.

Other cases, the work is put in and doing everything you were told to do and still with no results. When this happens, it means there is something wrong within the system. The way the system or process is set up is broken.

It would be the same as a gymnast really eager to do a back-handsrping, but would jump and fall backwards because their mind stops them. This gymnast could be in top shape and fully capable of doing the back-handsrping, but the mental block is stop the signal from through. It stops the process from happening.

We shouldn’t have to work so hard to build others ZERO’S and not get our hard earned ZERO’S too.

How I Felt…

During all this time I was left broke and feeling like I would never be able to push through the frustration and depression, faking a smile though I had all these thoughts going through my head. Assuring everyone I was fine and just had a lot on my mind.

The more I thought about why I was feeling this way and trying to figure out how all these top leaders were blowing past me on the leaderboards… it finally hit me.

It’s just like gymnastics!

The reason why that 8 year old is so good and already in level 6 is because her parents started her when she was in diapers. It’s all she really knows how to do because she got started really early and has the experience of all those years of coaching and training. She was taught right off the bat to have the focus to do only what she was being told to do.

Business is the same thing!

The reason why I was being passed up (and I’m betting you feel the same) is due to these people being in the industry longer. They have the experience and the lists they have built over all these years and their lists know/like/trust them. They join their leader no matter what niche they decide to change into or keep running with.

Get it?

Enough about that though

I am here to help you understand and show you other ways to get where you want to be. As you have noticed, I like to use personal experience to break it down.

I won’t bash the past companies I partnered with because if not for them, I wouldn’t know what I know now.

The BIGGEST thing I have learned is that the HYPE needs to stop! Yes, I get that you are excited to get started with what you are doing and you love it and it works great for you, but chill and dial it back a bit.

Stop with the flashy cars and huge homes… OH! and money shots that was just pulled out of the bank leaving the balance at $0. People actually have radars for this stuff!

What needs to happen as soon as the first contact is made is being totally transparent. Share what caught your interest to follow through with your choice. Share the steps with your new friend the same way your coach did with you. Make it easy and simple to do and follow so it can be duplicated with each new friend.

I mean, really, how much better would you feel if you had that step by step system? I felt like there was a weight lifted off my shoulders when showed step by step what to do and it helped! It really worked! You can get that very same feeling!

November 20, 2017 was the day I decided I am done with everything. I was tired of the lies, bullshit excuses of why this/that, being mislead and hype crap! And, OH MAN did it feel good! I felt totally refreshed and decided to change a few things around to reflect who I am not what I do. Totally transparent and ready to take anything on.


I just gave it away that I do something. Of course, I’m online so the first thought would be that I work for something.

You’re right! I work for myself. I rely on my coaches to keep me on target as well as depending on my own smarts and observations to sell products or services. Sometimes, this is really hard to do. The imagination runs dry at times and inspiration is needed. I mean, we are only human! Nobody is perfect.


Get out there and show yourself off. Step out of your comfort zone and face your fears. Fear is fake! It doesn’t exist. We create it in our minds and allow it to take control of us. It’s time to put an end to that.

You have been learning a lot on your journey, you have met a lot of people as well… you have earned your bragging rights and the rights to share your stuff in the way that YOU want to share it.

One tip I can share with you on being successful with doing this… YOU MUST BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND YOUR PRODUCT/SERVICE.

Commit to yourself and stop with the crashes & burns.