“dude, they made it so simple”

How many times have you been approached by someone (online or off) that caught your attention? You can’t really place why or how they got your attention, but they did and they were smooth about it.

They started asking you questions about yourself, life, hobbies and what work you do. It kinda made you feel a bit unsure in the beginning of the conversation, but by the end of it… you have laughed and were left feeling human (possibly shared information) and at ease that it wasn’t so bad.

Then the kicker comes in…

Let’s say for example the encounter above was a way of trying to recruit you for something. It’s been a few days and honestly you forgot it had even happened. Now, why did this happen? Because they failed to stay at the front of your mind by getting back in touch with you. You could have been totally interested in that person and curious what they were leading you on to, but they let you slip through.

Show of hands.. Be honest now…

How many of you have been through this?
How many have been the recruiter that dropped the ball?
How many have been the prospect that forgot?

Yep, that’s what I though. How did I know? Because I have been there too. I have made those mistakes myself and learned from them.

Here is what I have learned over the past 5 years:

  • Whoever you talk to, stay in the front of their mind
  • Follow up with them the next day and then a few days after
  • Don’t just talk about your biz streams you are part of
  • Make them feel like they are human, not a number

On average, it takes more than 5 times to get people to look at what you have going on and gain their interest. It may take up to 12 times before anything happens of an official yes or no. The point is not to pry.

You WANT people to really know, like and trust you. And to do that you have to BE YOU, BE RAW, BE TRANSPARENT!

I say this because no one is going to know who you are right off the bat. It takes time. I mean, you didn’t go straight from being a rollie pollie to running your first step, right?

In order for you to stand out, you have to step out of your comfort zone and shine as bright as you can. You WANT them to say, “dude, they made it so simple“.

If the people you talk to and keep up with decide they want to work with you and invest in you… it’s because they feel you have more to offer than the person that reached to them before you. This is a great thing to happen!


Because from here you can set up any type of system that ranges from 1-on-1 coaching sessions to mapping out a plan to success and results sharing how YOU reached YOUR success and results.. duplicating the action. Your #1 goal when helping anyone interested in you and your offer is to help them get results. If you can not do this, your heart isn’t truly in it and you need to find another way. Truth, not sorry.

“Zach Lee: Thank you Natasha for going out of your way I appreciate it
Me: It’s not out of my way Zach. You’re part of the team now so that makes you family. You’re welcome.
– via Facebook Messenger –

This part of the conversation i share because it is the type of result you want every time you find a pain spot with someone and you help them overcome it. Results are what people are looking for. What do you have and how can it help me? (take notes, this one is gold!)

A solution to the problem was found during our conversation and I offer my audience the same solutions.

I help with boosting confidence inside to show on the outside along with Facebook hints and tips for staying out of FB Jail (so many have a hard time avoiding this) to help build their strength and authority in their brand.

Gymnast In Me

Being the gymnast that I am, I am flexible with all niches and I don’t bash the mats with other companies names. That is totally unsportsman-like conduct and I don’t put up with it!

Just like in gymnastics, I struggled. I worked and trained hard for many years before the success started to seep through and eventually spill over. The thing that changed inside me was I realized I wasn’t having fun and was resisting happiness.

I allowed myself to fall in love with gymnastics and enjoyed every second of it for 20+ years. I hadn’t done the same with my biz and it showed. As soon as I started to love what I do and how easy I could make it work is when the breakthrough happened.

I won’t tell you I hate the previous companies I was in because I would be lying and I don’t lie. Each of them served a purpose and each person I met along the way showed me a new skill. I learned a lot and keep applying it to my journey.

Famous Words…

One of the biggest excuses I keep running into is “it takes money to make money”… this isn’t always true. But, later on in the game you can certainly expect some marketing budgets to come into play. Now, most would like at this with an untrained eye (mind) and make it their first cost to cut when things start to get tight…


Old school style marking is kinda dead… kinda. But, in a way, it has only been replaced with things like YouTube, E-mails, E-mail Lists, Website and Social Media. All of these are needed to be able to grow YOUR BRAND and make your shining presence in the online space known. This means you must create and set aside a budget to keep your tools working for you as fluid as possible in the way a gymnast would as they put their skills into a beautiful routine.

To advance to each level in gymnastics, you need to grow. To do this, you learn more techniques that allow harder/better skills to be born and performed. It’s like as you grow, your skills grow and in business, your brand grows. The better you get in ANY area of your life, the more your audience starts to notice who you are and what you are capable of.

Just as the gymnast has build a bond with themselves, team, coach and events… you have built your brand and amazing presence you were looking for.

How does it feel?

Starting Out

When I first started in gymnastics, I wasn’t sure what I was suppose to do and I was too scared to leave my moms side because I didn’t know who my coach was or if I could trust them. Same goes for when I first started online. Thought I could trust someone and found myself thrown to the wolves with no clue what to do next.

Over time and talking with LOTS of people, I started to follow those that had what I wanted. I wanted to learn how to work from home for good and started watching and following as many 6 to 7 figure earners as well as millionaires. I started to listen very closely to them, but that’s all I did. Listened.

My fault was that I didn’t apply what I was being taught. I still felt like I had no clue what I was doing and realized I had put myself in information overload. I had become overwhelmed and lost myself as I tried to learn, do and teach.

Why? Because I didn’t know how to APPLY.

Once I realized this and found a few amazing mentors, things started to change and I started to attract small successes. I was starting to be known, liked and trusted through chats the more I stepped out of my comfort zone and talked with strangers.

Yes… I said strangers… that thing we were taught NOT to do as children and were smacked for if we did. But, who really wants to chase friends and family? Eh, ya, they MIGHT partner with you, sometimes just to shut you up and make you happy, or they were truly interested and ready to run with you. Only they know for sure. Your best market though, is the cold market. It’s no different than your best friend at one point in time being someone you didn’t know. *wink*

Now, I could go on and on with all these words and share with you how it is or how it could be, but what service would that be doing you?

Ever heard the expression “actions speak louder than words“?

Here is where all the crashing into the mats and straddling the beam was worth the time wasted and pain endured. With all those missed skills and trying over and over again to perfect them… your brand you have been building and action steps being on point have paid off!

The judges have noticed all your hard work and dedication to perfecting your routine and have decided to reward you with a deserving score. With each competition that passes, they have started to know your routine, they have started to like your routine and get sucked into it, they have also learned to trust you know what you are doing and don’t lift their pencils because they know you have become flawless.

My friend, you have just earned your audiences respect. Pat yourself on the back!

How does it feel to OWN your niche and be the “go to” person?

You have proved time and time again that you are consistent and reliable, you got results and that’s what your audience was looking for. Now, you share with them how you did it.

Let Them Brag…

Once you have taught them how to re-create (duplicate) your results for their own, it’s time to ask them for testimonials.

  • Why they chose you to learn from
  • Did you hold up to their expectations of “dude they made it simple”
  • Did you duplicate the results they wanted

If all of the list above has a YES answer, congratulations on duplicating your system!

It doesn’t stop here

Right now, you are probably asking yourself how to keep going, how to become more valuable now that the duplication process has been successfully taught.

Everything you have learned and mastered up to this point has started to change. It is time to learn what skills have changed to re-perfect your routine to stay ahead of the game.

The skills and systems you used to build your brand and make your presence known have been tampered with a bit. Stay the go to person by reaching the top of the podium, learning what’s new and different and then teach it again, duplicate it again. This is a process that never stops evolving. (Gymnastics is a sport that never stops pushing the boundaries, why should biz building or brand building be any different?)

If you want to keep having the big successes and keeping those awesome scores, you must be 100% committed to pushing the limits and re-creating the results each time. This may require a shift in your thinking. It’s like wanting to buy expensive tastes on a beer budget… not going to happen. If you want the expensive taste you need to figure out how to own an expensive mind.

Think bigger to do better and act upon the bigger and you will always succeed!

I will always believe in you and what you are capable of doing. The biggest question is…

Are you ready to be the leader you were born to be? Because I’m looking for YOU!









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