Throwback Thursday #1 – Who’s Your Mom?

Welcome to my new series of Throwback Thursday’s!

Today is #1 and I want to know who YOUR mom is.

I will start of by sharing a bit of who my mom is just to test the waters as we canon ball in and not the toe dipping way.

Here below is a picture of my mom when I was about 2 years old.

It’s the only old picture I could find of her for now. You can’t say it’s not a good one! And the little one you see there in her arms… that’s not me, lol! That would be my little brother by 18 months. Now, I know the picture is a bit dark, but I am sure that you can make it out.

Any way, let me introduce her to you. The above picture is my mom. Her name at birth was Kathryn Kyllyykkee Andersson. As the years went by for her to growing into an adult, she eventually dropped her first name and changed the spelling of her middle name and made it her first name. The spelling was changed to Kyllikki. It helped to make it look shorter. I bet you are struggling to pronounce it too, listening to yourself chop it all to pieces, ha! I will help you, don’t worry.

As my brother and I were learning to talk, we couldn’t say it either just by sound. No matter how many times she tried to get us to say it right, we just couldn’t get it. Then, she came up with a great way to remember it and I STILL to this day teach people how to say her name with how she taught my brother and I to.

Are you ready to learn how to say it?

You’re going to laugh and feel pretty funny once I tell you the secret.

Here it goes…

To say her name “Kyllikki” correctly… imagine murdering your house key. Kill A Key. Now say those three words with some speed behind it as if to actually say your name.

Alright! There you go! You did it!

I told you, pretty funny, huh? AND you learned something new today!

Skipping Forward

To hop, skip and jump a bit forward. Here is a an image of her while my little brother and I we on vacations from our jobs and school to visit her at her assisted living apartment in Frederickburg, Texas.

This picture was taken while the three of us were out to dinner at one of the local chinese food places. Being old enough to pass the law of the drinking age, we all had a drink with dinner since we walked and rolled to dinner and home again.We had an amazing time. And, it was the last time we were able to do so. After that, she got really sick and down hill quick.

Fast Forward

Fast forward a few years and we land here. A selfie with my mom 10 days before she passed away.

She actually was conscious enough to see what I was doing and whispered, “Selfie”, in my ear as I took the photo on my iPod 4th gen.

I am extremely grateful to say that she doesn’t look very old, sick or on her way out in the photo. Tired, yes, but nothing else. I love my mom so much and miss her even more.

She was and still kinda is my rock. Though she is no longer suffering and in a better place, she still teaches me things and I still feel her next to me even though the little judge in my head says otherwise.

Summing It Up

If you are reading this and thinking about your mom, make every moment count. Apologize for anything you may have done to hurt. She will appreciate it. She knows you don’t mean it, but to hear it means the world and confirms with her that she did the best she knew how to do because you stepped up and took responsibility for whatever it was.

Make time to be with her in your busy schedule. She knows that you are grown and living your life and doesn’t want to be in the way of it. Just be sure to make a point to call her at least once a week and (if at all possible) and lunch date. Hang out and enjoy each other because you just never know. We are not promised life.

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Natasha Andersson

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