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Hey friends!

One of my team members came to me with a question on How to Download and Upload Contacts to Facebook via CSV Files instead of taking so much time to manually enter them one by one.

Great Question!

This post is probably something that you have been looking for too. Especially those that are trying to rush to their list of 5,000 friends. (Not something that I would recommend, to each their own.)

Honestly, taking the time to get to know people and what their pain points are and offering to help them is a better way to go. Building rapport and building friendships is where it’s at. I have come to notice that this happens quicker AFTER the ideal prospect has joined your team.

Why do I say, after?

Because, it’s personal experience.

You start to work closely together to get duplication going so they start seeing the results too.

That’s not what this post is about though.

Today, in this post, we are learning how to upload contacts to Facebook via CSV File.

To upload contacts to Facebook via CV File is a pretty simple task once it’s understood.

  • Just login to the list you are wanting to import (in this case MLMROD)
  • Make sure you saved the CSV File where you can find it
  • Login to Facebook and hit your friends list and find friends
  • Add contacts, upload the CVS File
  • Send invites and you’re done!

Takes a few to explain, seconds to actually do.

Let me know in the comments below if the video above helped.

Was it simple and easy to understand?

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Helping you succeed!

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